Guanaco: My Inspiraton

For most people –me included—deciding to play music a bit late than the rest of the world, is somehow sounds (maybe) ridiculous. But a part of the most people –again: me included—decided to do it anyway.

One particular adult beginner that I look up to is Guanaco. I found him via his   blog: Cellomania – He started at 55 years old (me, at 54y.o).

Visit his blog, and read this post of his:, written 7 years ago

Then one night I saw a clip in the news about a guy who’d just graduated           from medical school at age 72. He said something that caught my   attention. He said that back when he started med-school he clearly   understood it was going to be a long hard road, but his kids had tried to  talk him out of it – pointing out that he’d be 72 before he got his MD. But,  he said, he realized that regardless of whether or not he went to med  school, soon enough he was going to turn 72 anyway. So what would he   rather be at 72? a doctor? or just some old guy who’d let his dreams slip  away? The next morning I drove to Anchorage and rented a cello.”  Cellomania

His writings made me felt so much better when I practice the reading, fingering, playing, and legato-ing.

Cellomania made me started this blog, about my very own journey with my cello.

The post that I mentioned earlier was his last post. In the last paragraphs, he wrote:

On my quest to complete 10,000 hours of practice: in the last year I’ve  logged another 500 hours or so, bringing my total to about 3,500 hours.    At  this rate it will take at least another 13 years.

            I don’t think I’m going to do “goals” any more, I’m just going to keep on playing my cello. And I expect that I’ll keep getting better at it, however  slowly. There’s so much more to learn. But I do [finally] feel like I’ve come  quite a ways after all. I feel I am finally a cellist. 

            This is my 560th post on this blog. I’m thinking it will [probably] be my   last. Thanks for reading.”

I understand if he decided to stop writing. He is busy playing cello. He’s a cellist.

Dear Mr. Guanaco, thank you for the inspiration, Sir.


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