In music score, read all the signs: the dots, the dash, the curls, the swirls… and more. They mean you have to do something with the notes you’re playing.

Yes, I knew them back then, when I learned to play piano. But that was ages ago (I was in my junior high!). I forgot most of them.

When you see dots on top of some notes, it means you should do the bang-bang sound. Short and sharp. And when you see a curve on top of several notes, that’s legato: play them smooth in one bow movement, up or down.

Be aware with the stop signs that come in various shape.
There’s no way you go through them without taking a stop. Don’t let your bow slips and makes a sound.

source: wikipedia

So yes, stop whenever you see the stop sign and bang-bang whenever there’s a dot on top of a note.

Lesson Learnt:
Any musical background you had in the past will always come handy when you start doing/learn any instrument today.


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