Did I mention that I need to re-look at those music sheets/notes? Yes, I did.

Well, it’s something that I’ve learned many-many years ago. I think the last time I read them was around 40 years ago (goodness!). Yes, it’s that long-long-way back, when I was in my junior high, learned to play piano.

I (still) regretted that I didn’t take the lessons seriously. I guess I’ve broken my mother’s heart by not continuing the lessons. At that time, I found that I was going nowhere with those black and white blocks. I am sorry, Mom. If ever I could turn back the time, I would stay put, sit and play the piano. I really should.

suzuki book1Piano lessons –that I took long-long-long time ago—helped me to read a little bit the Suzuki’s book. Ricky lent it to me. It’s an old and torn book, but the content: totally awesome. The book’s first lesson starts with how to play D string. Yes, the “donut” line, open string, in various tempos. Followed by A open string. Just these two strings, going back and forth. It may sound very simple and easy, but oh it’s tough.

You see: finding the G on D string is a bit difficult for me. I don’t know how, but it seems that my pinkie just can’t find the right spot. The sound it produces always a bit off.

In short, there’s so much to look after when you’re going to play a piece of music.

  • It should start at the right string
  • Make sure your finger is on the right spot: the pitch/tune
  • Left thumb position: stay put on that particular spot.
  • Right thumb position on the frog
  • Right bow’s movement
  • Correct shoulder’s position
  • Read the notes correctly
  • Right tempo

So there’s 8 things going on and need your attention at one time. This is really a good exercise for your brain to concentrate, stay focus.

Boy, this is TOUGH. Definitely. But I love it. Much. So continue, I must.



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