GoBuyDonutsForAll & AllCowsEatGrass

If you think doing C scale on piano is tough, try cello’s. It’s only 7 notes, but boy, c’est bien tres difficile! But I gotta do it. Keep on doing it.


It’s so inevitable that I should relook at music notes. They always make my knees go weak. It seems so complicated then, and it’s still complicated today. The counting, the lines, I keep forget them.

music notesIMG_4261So I looked for helps from the internet, and this is what I found: To remind you of all the notes that hanging on the lines,  G, B, D, F, A, remember this line –Go-Buy-Donuts-For-All.

And to indicate the notes that stuck between the lines – A, C, E, G, you have this one: All – Cows Eat – Grass 🙂

That’s genius! The problem is, you forget which one’s which. Which ones are the donuts, and which ones are the cows.

Oh, dear.




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