The First Time…

My schedule suddenly became so full. The date I set to start my first lesson, just disappeared. I kept cancelling my appointment with Rick. Thank God he was still excited of giving the lessons.

I planned to have it in January, but we were preparing for our very first concert. And before that, a big show in other city/Bandung with all those big stars. Then followed by another show: we were the opening act for FRAU.

So I set the date with Rick for February. Which later on, I found that’s a bit too ambitious, since our own concert was in January 26 – 27, and the post concert’s euphoria seemed last forever. The responses, the reviews, the interviews, led us to an ecstatic feeling that kept going on and on.

Rick kept emailing, and WhatsApp-ing me, asking for the date. And I set the time for March. I also decided to include my daughter in our session. One visit for two. Rick was even happier. Good!

And the lesson -finally- took off on March 9, on the total solar eclipse day. Rick arrived after 12, with his sexy-awesome-beautiful-cello. The beautiful instrument that I’ve longed to play for ages. When Rick opened the case, I almost lost my breath.

How could an instrument struck you this hard? I didn’t understand. Didn’t know, how and why. Odd. And Rick let me held it for a while. I was so nervous, I almost knocked it on the floor! Gosh I was really-really nervous.

I took a picture of Rick playing, his fingers, the cello…

I’m in love. Deeply.



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