Why? Why Not.

So yes, finally I decided to play cello. I mean, learn to play cello. Yes, at this age -53 going on 54. Why? Well, why not.

Okay, this cello thing has been in my mind since ages, when I found a friend of mine, who knew nothing about any string instrument (including guitar) , and more over cello, bought a cello, and learned how to play. And joined our campus orchestra right away! I was so jealous.

Cello is my favorite music instrument. The sound it produces is so beautiful. It gives some kind of bold line in any song, though not as bold as bass does. And in a sad song, it breaks your heart. Slowly. And leave you in tears.

Last year, in May 2015, while worked on an important music project, I repeatedly hummed some tunes in “cello” mode, in some songs.

A friend of mine, who’s working on the recording session/mixing/mastering the album, agreed that we -actually- should have cello in those songs. But we didn’t. My singing partner objected the idea. More to that, who’s going to play the instrument. Plus with no budget in hands, no time, we’d better forget it.

But cello is still in my mind.

The thought of learning the instrument actually came back when I was working as a publisher. One of the magazine I handled at that time was MORE, a magazine for 40+ readers (Women). In one of its column, called Second Act, they profiled women who did something new, when they arrived in their 40s, 50s, even 60s. I read one specific story of a woman of 60s. She used to work as a corporate girl. And one day, she decided to make a shift: learning something new. And she picked cello. Within a few years, she already joined an orchestra, performing all over US & Canada! Ah, that’s awesome.

When I read that piece, I said to myself: Yes, one day, I’ll do that. One day. But honestly, every time I think about that one day, I criticize my own idea of talking cello’s lessons as selfish. Too ambitious: wanting too much as if I have enough time,  and money to do so. And I kept telling myself the money that I’d spend for the cello and the lessons will be more useful if I put that for more important things: my daughter’s needs or other family expenses.

So I decided to put that idea away. Unfortunately, I can’t really get rid of the idea completely.

That mixing session reminded me of the idea again. I mentioned it to my husband, just after our group tour in Frankfurt and Leiden finished. I said that playing cello is is always on my wish list. His reaction was rather flat, that made me feel guilty to let it out.

But somehow… I tried to mention the idea again. This time to my singing partner of 33 years. Again, the reaction was the same: flat. Then, out of the blue, in a middle of conversation with Felix, I blurted out.

“I’d like to learn to play cello,” I said. And spontaneously, he said, “Hey, that’s awesome!” then, “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“I know someone’s good for you.”

“A teacher for me?”

“Yes, a friend of mine. Ricky. He’s a bass player of this famous group WS&tCC .” WOW!

But being skeptical (not sure whether Felix would remember to make a call/email  my future cello teacher) I stayed calm. Not that excited.

Then, the next morning, while checking for emails @my gmail account, I saw it: Felix’s email. Introducing me to my teacher and followed by another email from that teacher to me. WHOA!

He sounded very excited. My heart beat so loud. Was it for real: I’m going to play cello, finally? WHOA!

again: WHOA!


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  1. How are you finding it, learning the cello? I can’t wait to get started myself! Have you bought one yet or are you renting? 😊


    1. the cello chronicles says:

      Hi Kimberly, thank you for dropping by at my blog. I find it -learning the cello- is so amusing. I really love it. I started on March, with Suzuki method, just finished this week with book 1. Maybe a bit slow, but I very excited. About the cello, I couldn’t find the rental one here, so I bought one, size 7/8, made in China. I couldn’t afford the Italian’s.

      I think – for me- buy a cello is more like a commitment, a promise that I should keep.

      If you can rent it, I think that’ll be great. Try for 3 months, and see how you like it.
      I bet you’ll love it, Kimberly.

      Looking forward to hear from you again!


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